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SNRG is Some Never Really Get, and [YOU] #FEELintheBLANK. 

Music and clothing have always been synonymous for Some Never Really Get.

SNRG started as a company designing customized casual and athletic wear in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area; but quickly evolved into much more. The brothers extended their artistic intelligence from the visual arts to explore their musical awakening. Combining front man Eyespk’s poetic prowess with L.A.Stone’s crowd control ability ensures people are drawn close enough to take a serious listen to their melodic lyrics over sounds of electro-retro-rhythm-and-rock.

Although their parents hail from the Philippines, Eyespk and LA Stone’s lyrics embody a diverse perspective while challenging the mind with clever word play. None to stay stationary, SNRG has performed LIVE in numerous cities around the world, including Toronto, Philadelphia, Manila, Los Angeles, New York and have most recently, wrapped up a three city tour in Japan.

SNRG comes at you with a unique expression of taste and transcends what is trending. Whether it is their music or clothing, the SNRG mantra exemplifies self-expression, imaginary friends, and their message of “understanding”. From drafts and doodles to the complete experience you see now — “Some Never Really Get…” itself is an invitation to “GET” familiar.

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“SNRG is Some Never Really Get. We bring SOUL to your city, and give LIFE to IMAGINARY FRIENDS. For those that GET it – they GET us.” –L.A.STone